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Final Cut 7, Adobe, corrupt files with QuickTime movie larger than 2.15GB across network using AFP.

Final Cut 7 and Adobe problems using AFP over a network.

See Adobe Blog.

For FCP 7, Log and Transfer of P2 files that are larger then 4GBytes in size using a Network Storage as the destination with the AFP protocol may corrupt some files.

Final Cut 7's use of Quicktime Librarys and AFP assume the Network Storage is some type of DOS filesystem and therefore assume the DOS file system limit and overwrite files at 4GByte boundaries.

A Bug has been filed with Apple's Quicktime Libraries but as of this point in time they have not fixed the problem.

There are 2 known/proven workarounds which include:

  1. The client work station that performs the Log and Transfer can mount the Network Storage using NFS protocol rather then the default AFP.


  2. You can purchase Thursby's DAVE product: 

For the client that is performing the Long and Transfer as well as the Server that has the Network Storage locally attached and use their smb/CIFS protocol to attach the Network Storage for the Long and Transfer.

Once the Log and Transfer is complete, the client can go back to using standard AFP to connect itself to the Network Storage.

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