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What To Do If Opening Files Is Slow In Photoshop

What To Do If Opening Files Is Slow In Photoshop

Whether you are attempting to access the file from a local disk, file server, or shared drive, you may have experienced that opening files in Photoshop can be slow. There are a few different things that can be done to speed up the opening of these files in Photoshop. Some users have experienced positive results from the print system, by resetting to a non-networked printer. Often, when Photoshop is slow to open a file, it's looking for a networked printer as well. Additionally, Adobe suggests that deleting a file named "com.adobe.mediabrowser.plist" from inside Adobe Bridge can help, or at least set permissions on that file to "No Access" and lock the preferences. The file is a preference that holds a list of files recently opened by Creative Suite applications. If you aren't comfortable deleting or restricting a file like this, some users have also found that disabling Version Cue from the preferences reduces or removes lagging and delays.

Also, when opening files from a network storage drive it's extremely important to have a properly optimized network. The network must have enough bandwidth to support the number of users and file sizes that your company is working with. Small Tree's specialty is making sure networks are set up properly so you can do the work you need at the speed you need to.

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