ZenSTOR Workflow Solutions

Today’s multimedia world is being defined by content output throughout the digital domain. Engagement of the audience relies on a continuous flow of entertaining media, and targeted social media networking is driven by a constant stream of timely materials. This new dependence on the process of information and media in new and creative ways is reliant on a stable and resilient storage network.

At Small Tree, we understand your unique demands and have designed several shared storage products specifically to meet all of your needs. We have developed our solutions to work fluently with yours, and allow your team to focus on their creative work, instead of managing data. Small Tree is the missing component to building a symbiotic relationship between the shared storage and the creative team.

Shared infrastructure

An effective network-shared storage design eliminates the bottlenecks that delay you from completing your project. Small Tree's ZenSTOR is designed to be simple to operate and maintain, powerful to meet demanding workflows at an affordable price point, allowing you to focus on tasks most important to you.

Small Tree has developed solutions that scale from small teams to large enterprises. ZenSTOR can expand with your company as your storage requirements grow, protecting your investment while seamlessly integrating into your workflow.

Small Tree has a variety of products and services that will work specifically with your current workflow and creative pipelines. Explore our Workflows and take a closer look at how ZenSTOR can become the shared storage solution best for your environment. Our flagship ZenSTOR shared storage solution has become the central infrastructure component in the creative workflow for several professional mediums.

Browse through our industry spotlights and highlights to see similar workflow solutions from like-minded professionals. Whether it is a matter of editing and storing raw 6K footage, or high quality audio clips, Small Tree has built a solution that will meet your creative shared storage needs.

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