Multimedia is utilized in almost every industry in today’s modern world. Any place that uses digital information needs to be able to store, manipulate and use that content. This requires infrastructure and workflow technologies to support that creation and storage of information. Media is being utilized now in ways that just a decade ago seems impossible, and information density and bandwidth allocation is no longer a concern for just large facilities. The ZenStor is constructed to work as a flexible tool for your multimedia, enabling you to work with the data format that you need to store and recall effortlessly.

Regardless of the Industry, Small Tree’s workflow solution will connect everyone in your process. Project leaders can interact with everyone on the network; with the seamless access and ease you require while editing on the same content.


Team size is one of the critical factors when exploring multimedia storage options. With Small Tree, you have the driving force of an industry leader backing you regardless of your team size. Working on a couple laptops?

Multiple workstations? Have several freelance editors that need to be on the network? ZenStor has you covered.


A consistent and powerful storage system is vital for working in the expansive video and film industries. Due to the constant growth in the industry, technologies are always advancing; video projects are becoming more demanding in both resolution and file size. With Small Tree, you have the ability to access your content in a truly shared environment, regardless of file size.

Video is one of the most diverse of the digital file structures, with a wide variety of formats and codices. The growing 2K, 4K, and 6K content creations have generated a boom in demand for film and video, and at a consistent higher quality than ever before. Small Tree is the essential tool for anyone that is editing, composing, animating, designing motion graphics or simply working with film from multiple edit suites.



A powerful storage network is crucial when working with television and radio broadcasting. The broadcasting and entertainment industry is reliant on technology for creating digital content.

Due to the fast turn-around schedule demands with content data, you can not afford long periods of transfer time while your project loads — the technology in your storage solution has to work simply, and work as expect, every time.



Sequential rendering is the essential process to creating the vibrant and life-like graphics. Combining the real world and the artificial world with rending and rotoscoping, or programming particles, requires a powerful and reliable storage network.

Small tree develops its own networking software to mesh perfectly with its storage software to optimize your creative pipeline and lets you focus on changing the world, one frame at a time.



Sports Entertainment Content places some of the highest demands on shared storage systems. From Hockey to Football, the demand for fast action multimedia is never-ending. Developing an infrastructure to support instant playback has to be rock solid reliable. Live on air, radio, video, news, or production environments, Small Tree systems will create a productive environment and integrate easily into your existing workflow.



The education industry has become very competitive and has moved its messaging to be much more leading edge creative to attract the brightest student. The ability of the Campus to be connected to the web with high performance has become vital to educators and students alike.

Various education departments on campus need to collaborate to be more efficient, which has placed a premium on simple powerful and affordable shared storage solutions from Small Tree.



Today’s large Houses of Worship need modern interactive mediums to engage both young and old congregation members in more dynamic ways with sermons, lessons and teaching video available at multiple times. Small Tree shared storage designs are focused to be easy to operate, high performance to meet the editing requirements, and affordable for House of Worship congregations that are very cost conscious.

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