Sound designers, engineers, and composers rely on a flexible and efficient workflow to make magic. You're not a network engineer, you're a creative artist and you just need your media storage solutions network to do what it's supposed to do so you can meet your deadlines. Small Tree understands this and has engineered high-performance solutions specifically to meet your needs. Through remote access, Small Tree can maintain and update the system for you.* Leave the network engineering to us, so you can concentrate on the mix.

Our shared storage solutions support audio editing via Pro Tools 10. Finally a shared storage solution that supports audio editors collaborating on a project to meet tight project timelines. With thousands of clients worldwide, Small Tree is powering a new era of collaborative post production. Contact us today and let's create a workflow solution together.

* Requires the purchase of a support contract.

Affordable Ethernet Shared Storage Solutions for Video Editing

The ZenStor family of shared storage solutions are designed to meet the real-time requirements of professional creative artists from edit to color to graphics and sound. They offer extreme flexibility, supporting diverse environments enabling you to focus on the creative, rather than managing computing infrastructure.

Optimized Gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet Network Cards

Our Ethernet network card drivers are optimized to provide users plenty of bandwidth for reliable and trouble free video editing. We offer a variety of solutions to enable proper configuration of the shared storage on your network.

Gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet Network Switches

Small Tree's Gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet Network Switches are designed to be the brain of your shared network, directing traffic quickly and efficiently between your users. We offer a variety of switches to connect the shared storage on your network and we'll help you select and configure the correct one.


Small Tree's ThunderNET allows you to add more network speed to any ThunderboltTM equipped computer. Available in several options, ThunderNET allows you to select the right amount of bandwidth necessary to meet your workflow demands.

Case Studies

Apr 3 2014

The Division - Graveyard Carz The Division - Graveyard Carz

With over 26 episodes to be completed in the coming months, The Division, the team behind Velocity by Discovery’s Graveyard Carz, needed to accelerate their post production workflow.

Mar 26 2014

Biscardi Creative Media Biscardi Creative Media

For many years, shared storage solutions seemed like they were out of reach for individual editors and small shops, but Small Tree Communications helped to change that. Biscardi Creative Media in Atlanta is a prime example of why storage networks aren’t a “heavy iron” investment any longer.

Apr 4 2013

Neighbor and Knock, Inc. Neighbor and Knock, Inc.

Boutique animation studio, NEIGHBOR, had a dilemma – the newly formed company, sprouted from a much larger post-production company, needed a centralized storage solution that would be both fast and future-proof.