Today’s multimedia world is being defined by constant content output throughout the digital domain. Engagement of the audience relies on content and targeted social media networking requires a constant stream of entertaining material.

This new dependance on the process of information and media in new and creative ways is reliant on a stable shared storage.



Creative minds are using a wide variety of tools and techniques to keep current in the multimedia landscape. From desktop to mobile platforms, design tools are accessible to new audiences that in the past would rarely be exposed, and in the process, these tools have become more intuitive and designed for the creative skill sets that drive the market. The industry programs designed by Avid, Adobe and Apple have set media standards across all forms of digital editing, and this technical availability has increased what is expected from designers.

This increase of tools and information requires a means to store this information. Small Tree works with each and every one of these applications to guarantee that your data is transferred successfully. Designing our software to match any application toolset and to work with your video and graphic needs, whether you need robust 6k video streams, or durable 48kbs audio recordings. Small Tree has been tested to interface with all industry standards and beyond, completing any editing workflow or rendering pipeline that you will need.


The industry standard for motion picture and broadcast editing is Media Composer by Avid. Designed to be used in the most prolific studios across the world, Media Composer has raised the bar for color correction, editing tools, and overall media quality. With most video, you are almost always working with Audio as well, and Avid has designed Pro Tools with that purpose in mind.

Pro Tools is the most widely used program for audio recording and mixing engineers, as well as the post-production environment. Offering the highest fidelity audio recording hardware and designing the most interactive editing suite has raised Pro Tools above all others, and has been used on a majority of major film and major records seen and heard respectively.



When working in a graphic environment, for print, advertising, web, or motion design, Adobe has designed a tool set for you. Adobe has spent over three decades leading the field in both expectation and technology as a premier graphics tool set. Whether your team needs the pixel precision of Photoshop, the programming durability of Dreamweaver or the special effects power house, After Effects -- Adobe has designed editing applications that have touched everyone’s lives.



Apple has been the most recognized leader for pushing the next generation of hardware and creative thinking. As developers of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, Apple has consistently influenced the creative world, and the next generation of content creators alike. Final Cut Pro is a common choice for independent and commercial film editors, with a wide selection of tools and a simple and intuitive design for fast and interactive film editing.

Apple has developed the QuickTime media codices for Logic Pro and continues to be a popular choice among sound designers and audio producers alike. Offering both simple and logical controls for complete control over your audio environment, Apple has created a digital audio workstation environment that grows with you and your needs.



Autodesk has been developing tools and programs that have tapped into the creative minds and potential of the SFX community. Whether you are creating an alien world in a science fiction universe, or imagining a distant fantasy landscape, the vast 3D modeling, sculpting and particle systems designed by Autodesk have been the primary tools in the create pipeline. Tools like 3DS Max, and Maya have been shaping our imaginations through films and video games, and technologies like Inventor and Fusion 360 have been building everything from bike seats to bridges, effecting everything from to civil engineering to 3D printing. They are used in designing the floor plans of our homes, with Revit and AutoCAD suites touching everything from small weekend projects, to dynamic 3D building information modeling.

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