Sep 21 2015

Using 'Snapshot' Feature to Protect Working Digital Data Content

Protect projects created on your storage system from being accidentally deleted before editors have completed their work.

Jul 10 2015

1-Gigabit, 10-Gb, 40-Gb | What Is It and What Do You Need

Around for many years, Ethernet networking is used by most computers and network switches.

Jul 10 2015

Why Tech Support Matters

No one likes to talk about tech support. Why do you need it? What does it include? What does it cost? Why not do it yourself?

Jul 10 2015

What to Look for in a NAS

When a company is small and has only a few editors it is common to have an external disk/Raid that goes from one editor to another as they perform their specific tasks.

Jul 10 2015

Disks - What you Need to Know for a NAS

It is time to focus on questions regarding drives you need to consider when making your decision on which system to purchase.

Apr 24 2015

Introducing TitaniumZ NL - Nearline Backup Servers for Editors

Designed as an integrated back-up system for video editing pipelines, the NL shares the same OS and GUI with Small Tree's existing TitaniumZ line-up.

Apr 9 2015

Digiboyz Inc Installs Portable Small Tree Shared Storage Solution

Having the ability to work from any location is a dream for most. Digiboyz Inc made this a reality by installing a shared storage system from Small Tree.

Apr 8 2015

DC Collective Scores Big with Small Tree Shared Storage

DC Collective, a live action commercial production, motion graphic design and post-production company, recently installed a Small Tree TitaniumZ-16.

Jan 21 2015

Fancy Film Post Services Installs TitaniumZ Shared Storage

With its workload doubling from the previous year, Academy Award-winning, Fancy Film Post Services, installed the TitaniumZ-16 shared storage system.

Jan 6 2015

Pomp & Clout Implements Small Tree Shared Storage Solution

Caribou's latest video was pieced together more quickly because the production company decided to implement Small Tree's TitaniumZ-16 shared storage system.