Small Tree Awarded $2.85 Million Research and Development Defense Contract

Posted 5/31/2007

CHIPPEWA VALLEY, WI, May 31, 2007Small Tree Communications, aa leading provider of state-of-the-art networking solutions, has been awarded $2.85 million in Federal Defense funding.  This funding is part of the FY07 Defense Appropriations Bill, and will allow continued Research and Development of advanced command, control, and communications technology.   This technology, will improve battlefield communications capabilities for the United States Army.  The request for funding for communications technology research and development was submitted by Congressman Dave Obey (WI Seventh District):  Representative Obey is Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  Small Tree was awarded the contract through a competitive award process.

"Battlefield communications is an important factor in protecting our forces and defeating the enemy," said Obey.   "Moving larger amounts of complex data more quickly than we did yesterday is a constant challenge for today's military.  With this contract award, Small Tree Communications and the Army will take the next step together to face that challenge and enhance the future capabilities of our military."

“We’re excited about the progress of our research to date and eager to continue our efforts on this program,” stated Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree Communications.  “Our objective is to develop a faster, more secure, and cost effective communications network.  If successful, we will provide the roadmap to utilize the latest technologies that will enable the United States Army to communicate more quickly and efficiently.”   

 About Small Tree Communication
Small Tree Communications is dedicated to providing unique, leading edge, enterprise networking components.  Small Tree’s world-class, high performance computing experience and team of networking and kernel developers, bring new technology peripheral products to meet the demanding application requirements of commercial and defense environments.

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