Feb 1 2019

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May 22 2018

Scale-Out, and S3 SYMPL Cloud Storage for ZenSTOR connect to any S3 Backend ( Amazon, Google, Wasabi, BackBlaze ) etc.

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Sep 27 2016

Interactive Digital Media & Video Production Company Turns to Small Tree Shared Storage to Handle “Heavy Lifting”

BROWNTOWN is an interactive digital media and video production company located in Saint Paul, MN. Browntown switched to Small Tree to create more efficient working procedures.

Sep 2 2016

Small Tree Introduces ZenOS V5

Operating Systems Newest Version includes nearly 300 New Features, Improvements and Updates to Enhance System Performance

Aug 26 2016

Horsepower Under the Hood: Producing Graveyard Carz in 4K

StudioDaily discovered muscle-car-restoration reality show Graveyard Carz back in 2011, when Springfield, Oregon production company The Division had just begun shopping the fledgling program around for TV deals.

Aug 16 2016

Pronology and Small Tree Offer Seamless Integration

Pronology, a developer of cutting-edge tapeless workflow solutions and Small Tree, a provider of shared storage solutions, are announcing how their advanced technology systems offer users in production, broadcast and post, seamless and cost-effective integration and increased mobility, when working

Aug 10 2016

How to Determine if Your Church Needs a Shared Storage Solution

To the ‘non-techie’ type, shared storage sounds pretty scary. Aren’t they complicated, expensive and hard to use? What if I only want to edit media content for the congregation, not become an IT expert? The simpler the workflow is, the better I like it.

Jul 12 2016

Storage Roundtable

Storage is the backbone of today’s workflows, from set to post to archive. There are many types of storage offerings from many different companies, so how do you know what’s right for your needs?

Jul 1 2016

Impressions from NAB 2016

I know you have probably seen a half dozen articles recently talking about what people found interesting in NAB 2016, as each year, there are dozens of articles written about NAB impressions.

Jun 23 2016

Video Production Company Switches to Small Tree For Optimum Results

Small Tree’s TitaniumZ-8 Offers Maximum Speed for Production Team.