Small Tree’s family of ThunderNET2 products, optimized for maximum Thunderbolt 2 performance, provides PCI expansion capability for Gb Ethernet and 10Gb Ethernet network adapters to your Mac Pro®, MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air®, iMac® or Mac mini® equipped with Thunderbolt technology. All ThunderNET2 products incorporate the latest Intel chip Technology providing better performance over a wider range of network traffic conditions using less power and CPU power to provide whisper quite operation.


Not in North America?

We provide high-performance solutions that are available worldwide through a network of partners.

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ThunderNET2: Optimized for OSX Operating Systems
Get the most out of Thunderbolt 2

Unleash your creativity...

Small Tree’s ThunderNET2 products provide a very cost effective way to get maximum benefit from your Thunderbolt 2 equipped systems that are part of your everyday creative workflow. Optimized for the perfect blend of simplicity and connectivity for Thunderbolt 2 equipped devices, Small Tree’s ThunderNET2 product line provides the industry’s widest range of Gb and 10Gb Ethernet connectivity products. You'll get the highest possible performance from your Thunderbolt 2 connections from your Mac mini®, iMac®, MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro® or Mac Pro®.

Greater collaboration on any workflow to meet aggressive timelines

With ThunderNET2 solutions you’re able to easily add guest editors who can effectively access your projects allowing greater collaboration on any current workflow and give you the ability to meet those aggressive timelines. Simply determine the network connectivity and performance needed, select the correct ThunderNET2 into the network between the system’s Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt2 connector and your shared storage, and go.