The Small Tree approach to shared storage is simple: design and implement network solutions that offer affordability without sacrificing functionality. Our team of network engineers have delivered on this promise by providing customers our newest line of shared storage products, TitaniumZ.

The TitaniumZ family allows your company the freedom to edit data-intense audio and video programs directly from the server; no copying, no transferring, no downtime. By utilizing speeds in excess of 600MB/s you and your team can edit projects seamlessly, saving time and money.


Not in North America?

We provide high-performance solutions that are available worldwide through a network of partners.

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TitaniumZ-16: Optimized for OSX Operating Systems
Shared Storage solution for demanding video editing workflows

Shared storage for real-time video editing teams

TitaniumZ is an all-in-one, Ethernet-based shared storage server for bandwidth-intensive workflows. Specifically designed to provide a simple, powerful and affordable solution for video editors that eliminates copying and transferring of media and accelerate your post production time. Small Tree?s TitaniumZ shared storage products have been fine-tuned to provide the best possible performance utilizing Small Tree?s customized operating system ZenOS, which incorporates a flexible Graphical User Interface, supporting the latest file sharing protocols with the extremely powerful ZFS file system. Capable of supporting the high bandwidths of Ultra HD, TitaniumZ can meet a wide range of editing environments.

Cost-effective direct connected Near Line backup storage

TitaniumZ NL is all-in-one shared storage server designed to provide Near Line storage back up capacity for your completed media content projects. Created to provide quick access to your backed up content in a seamless environment, TitaniumZ NL provides an affordable solution to expand your TitaniumZ storage pool and allow you to back up your completed workflows. Increasing your editing storage space on your TitaniumZ. Utilizing the same intuitive Graphical User Interface and the ZFS file system, the TitanimZ and TitaniumZ NL can easily scale to meet your growing business needs by adding additional storage without having to rebuild your storage RAIDS.

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