Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express NIC Cards have been optimized for OS X operating systems. The PCIe interface uses an advanced point-to-point connection that helps improve large data-intensive transfers that are vital to shared networking efficiency. These cards come in either Single, Dual, Quad, or Six port configurations, supporting both copper and optical media for all of our Ethernet shared storage solutions.


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Gigabit Ethernet Card: Optimized for OSX Operating Systems
Supports both copper
and optical media

Get your editing team working faster and more efficiently

Gigabit cards will help you get work done faster and safer. Small Tree's Gigabit Ethernet Cards are designed to provide a very fast (1Gb) connection between users in a shared network. Working best with Mac computers, these cards will help your computer run at more efficient speeds for editing and file sharing. Using such software as Final Cut Pro, choose your Gigabit Ethernet card with ports ranging from one to six, depending on your specific network. Gigabit Cards can get you running at high speeds, saving you both money and time.

Extend your Gigabit Ethernet performance

Gigabit Cards will improve your computer functioning greatly. Choose from a variety of adapters designed to extend Gigabit Ethernet performance for your computer, enhance your Mac management and provide flexible connectivity over your shared network.

Small Tree's Gigabit cards are specifically designed to provide a very fast (1Gb) connection between users in a shared network. Our network cards work amazingly with Mac computers, operating at highly efficient speeds for editing and sharing files while using software like Final Cut Pro. We offer such adapters as PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet Cards, ExpressCard34 Gigabit Ethernet Cards , and PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet Cards . The Expresscard provides additional network capabilities needed by many traveling professionals. All of Small Tree's Gigabit Cards provide the optimal networking performance for shared storage networks. Choose a Gigabit Card with one to six ports depending on your network's needs.

Gigabit Ethernet Cards