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Military Workflow Solutions

Military Solutions

Military Workflow Solutions

Today's soldier depends on reliable communication not only for successful missions, but most importantly, survival on the battlefield. The tactical environment is noisy and highly dynamic, delays in communication can be costly. At Small Tree, we understand the difficulties faced while communicating on and off the battlefield.


Small Tree military products connect several communication devices at once giving you flexibility on the battlefield, at the base, or anywhere your team goes.

Improved Bandwidth

In many current Army missions, a dial-up connection is equivalent to or even better than what the tactical warfighter has today. Small Tree military products improve battlefield bandwidth allowing the warfighter to communicate efficiently with command from anywhere on the battlefield.

Wireless Network

Small Tree military products allow soldiers to set up a network among themselves anywhere they are. Using a portable femto cell, soldiers can use hand held COTS cell phones to interface with the HMS SRW network. Android devices can also directly integrate with the radios, as well as Wifi, and hardwired Ethernet routers thus allowing other radios and C2 devices like UAVs to directly route data into the SRW network.

Small Tree Contracts

Contract W15P7T-06-C-P825 - Improved Bandwidth for the Battle Command Communications

Contract W15P7T-07-C-P224 - Tactical Bandwidth Booster

Contract W15P7T-09-C-S476 - Tactical Booster Program

Contract W15P7T-10-C-H610 - Mobile MESH Network Node

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