RoHS CompliantAll Small Tree cards, switches and storage products are RoHS compliant!

Small Tree are experts on high performance video editing shared storage solution.

Streams by Small Tree

To help our customers make informed storage decisions, we released Small Tree's "Streams Counter" a shared storage performance application tool testing the number of video streams properly supported in real-time editing environments.

New Version Update: 12/31/12

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ST-STREAMS performs video sustainability testing on your Network and Storage connections/devices in a standalone or shared network storage environment.

The results displayed on screen can be understood with further inquiry.

For a review and consult of additional test suggestions to improve your results, your test environment should be documented and further reviewed to understand where your results stem from during the test period.

You can submit your tests to Small Tree in addition to any software application information you are also planning or intended to use for Real Time Video Editing on your Shared Storage network.

After filling out this short form below, you will receive a follow on response via email with additional instructions on where to submit Screen Captures and any Networking or Hardware environment diagrams or additional details that may be applicable to your shared network performance for real time video sustainability.
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